Fading Relevancy

As the City of Pensacola begins to thrive under new leadership from the Mayor and some visionary council members, some political push-back from the old guard is inevitable.  The older generation of long ago political leaders is not always keen about the reality of their decreasing relevancy.

The recent editorial in the PNJ by the Chamber of Commerce interim CEO is illustrative.  He writes that he wants to return to the days when the city council made the leasing deals.  He doesn’t embrace the Charter the voters approved.  The long list of those former city council leasing mistakes is well known and to this day haunt the fiscal solvency of the city.  He longs for the return of the days of having a ceremonial mayor where deferring to the power brokers who benefited from inside deal-making was the norm.  He offers no solutions but postures the statesman’s role implying what a fine passive mayor he would make.  However, in the process of seeking relevancy, he causes harm to the city and the Chamber.

Facing fading relevancy is not easy.  No one likes it or welcomes it, but trying to avoid it by phony posturing, claiming senior experience and superior knowledge with no positive suggestions of any kind, fools few except perhaps others similarly situated. We have a great city on the move.  It may be moving too fast for some, but for most, it is a welcome change and exciting to watch.

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