Florida Legislators Face Questioning

On Friday (December 13) the Florida Supreme Court ruled that legislators and their staffs will have to respond under oath to questions about their redistricting maps. Prior to the redistricting legislation, the Republican controlled legislature conducted a “listening tour” ostensibly to hear what the public thought about redistricting. It was a sham. The intent, much like the gambling expansion move now underway, was to create the impression that the legislature wanted public input. The intent from the get-go was to rig the maps to protect Republican control of the legislature. Bad as it is to stage these public meetings with their friends and supporters speaking, we are paying for the charade. It will be interesting to see what these legislators who engineered the map rigging will say under oath — not that the oath will deter some from avowing their great caring for the state of Florida as their only motivation.

Lest anyone thinking this legislature is not controlled by organized gambling cartels, do not be fooled by the latest legislative leadership ploy. The strategy is to claim they think another state wide constitutional amendment is needed and asking Florida voters if they want to turn the state into another Biloxi slum. They are hell bent to expand gambling every other way they can during the upcoming session. Hoping to mask that goal, they will also propose another pro-casino amendment “to let the voters decide”. There are now more lobbyist in Tallahassee on the gambling payroll than there are legislators.

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