Supervisor of Elections Burglary

DATE: June 10, 2013, early hours of the morning (02:19)

LOCATION: South End Service Center,  5841 Gulf Breeze Parkway, Santa Rosa County,                            Florida

ITEMS STOLEN: Two safes containing an electronic voting machine, voting ballots &                                            thumb drive.



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Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections Burglary 06-10-13

There is a REWARD for INFORMATION leading to an arrest & conviction:

Tips can be made anonymously. In order to assure that the tip lead to the arrest and conviction of one or more of the thieves anonymous tips must be made as follows.

If you call 444-4402 be prepared to provide a 8 digit password of numbers and letters if you do not want to provide your name. You provide the password and if your information leads to arrest and conviction you will be eligible to receive the reward by presenting that same password following conviction. If you mail in or fax 444-4494 a tip that leads to the conviction and you wish to do it anonymously, provide an 8 digit password of numbers and letters.

No reward will be paid to any law enforcement officer or their family members.

All leads or tips MUST BE SENT to our firm first or called into our firm or emailed to us first in order to be eligible for the reward. No reward will be paid to anyone who provides information directly to law enforcement agencies which was not provided to KERM&T first. We will coordinate providing the leads or tips to law enforcement agencies.

In the event more than one tip or lead leads to arrest and conviction the reward may be apportioned to more than one person at the discretion of KERM&T in conjunction with consultation with law enforcement regarding the relative benefit of the information provided. In the event the same tip or lead is provided by more than one person, the first tip in time with prevail. All responses will be dated and the time noted.

If an email is used, the email should be directed to If sent anonymously, an 8 digit password of numbers and letters must be included to assure proper payment in the event information leads to the arrest AND conviction of the person or persons responsible.

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