What Part of “Hell No” does the Florida Legislature NOT Understand?

We have been there before.

At great cost, many of us funded “No Casinos” and defeated a proposed Constitutional Amendment to allow casinos. When the legislature engages in these state wide listening tours it is for one reason only: creating the appearance of concern for what the taxpayers think when they know what they are going to try and do.

It is a shameless sham.

In this case they want to expand gambling in Florida. We will be posting our views of the latest window-dressed legislative report in the near future, purportedly assessing a need to “restructure” Florida gambling laws. How about the legislature funding a report of the lives ruined and the communities destroyed when these gambling guys get their hooks into a community?

The poorer the community the greater the potential to exploit it.

When gambling comes so does more corruption of local politicians and more crime – guaranteed. Our area is ripe for it and we better be aware they are aiming at us and they own enough of the Florida legislature to cause us all great concern. ~

–Bob Kerrigan, Nov. 15, 2013

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