Pensacola Young Professionals Refusal to Disclose

Pensacola Young Professionals refuse to disclose author(s) of annual “Quality of Life” Survey.

The web site they referenced in their response letter of 9/4/2013 does not disclose the substantial majority of the information requested. Who actually wrote this published report and what is the objective of the person or persons responsible for paying for it?

The reason we have asked for the details outlined in our letter (image which follows) is to ascertain the bias if any in the report.

PYP 8-13-13 Kerrigan Request Letter

click image to ENLARGE

If there is any doubt that the report as published is inaccurate for any reason it should be discussed. If there is the slightest chance public policy decisions could be based on this survey report then we should be assured that the survey was done based on sound statistical sampling methods and that the questions meet recognized criteria to avoid push polling.

If the author has any possible bias or prejudice or conflicts of interest the readers of this report deserve to know who wrote it. The exact role of the Mason-Dixon polling organization is not explained. Did they draft questions or determine sampling criteria? What did they do and what did the PYP author do? Refusing to disclose who actually compiled this report raises even more questions. The response from the PYP (image that follows) has been edited to eliminate the name of the individual responder because the response is from the organization.

PYP Response Letter 9-5-13 Page 1

click image to ENLARGE

PYP Response Letter 9-5-13 Page 2

click image to ENLARGE

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